Community Reporting for Justice

This is an open community reporting platfrom that is aimed at bringing out the unreported injustices that never get to be heard by the police, court,local leaders, and CSOs. We commit to make it possible for any Ugandan living within or outside Uganda to report any form of injustices being experinced. With the help of our mobile and web apps one should be empowered to report any kind of injustices being experienced. Cases of human trafficking shouldn't go unattended to when people trust that they can always cry to Justice Connect and there's someone to follow up on them!

We want to build a big data about the unreported and reported cases. When people believe someone is hearing them, they will talk and we want to give them a platform where they can talk in private!

Target Injustices

  • Unfair Employment(Blue & White Collar Employees)
  • Human Trafficking
  • Child Abuses
  • Refugee Abuses
  • Land Injustices